Friday, March 15, 2013

Civic Issue Needs your Attention

Their is a family in Williamstown Township in Michigan that is facing illegal tyranny.  The township although the family got approval to have small farm animals on a three acre property prior to buying the property but the township is now telling the family that they have to remove the animals.  The family needs these animals because they have serious food allergies so they have to do everything from scratch.  Here is a link to the article and here are more details on the Hudson family blog:

There are two things I would like you to consider:

1.  If possible to give a monetary donation to the Hudson family legal defense fund anything helps.  Whatever money is leftover after their fight with the township, the Hudson family will set aside and donate to the next family who has to fight for their rights to homestead.  You can donate by going to the Hudson Family blog link that is included above.

2. Write to the township officials and let them know that you support the Hudson family.  By sending lots of letter and bringing awareness to this situation hopefully the township will back down.  If this township can do this what is stopping other areas from doing this.  There is prior legal precedence that allows this family to homestead because they sell products from there farm but the township is ignoring Michigans Right To Farm law.  I have included my email to the township at the bottom.  Please be respectful while letting them know that the Hudson family is not alone. 

Here is the address and email address of the township officials:
4990 N. Zimmer Road, Williamston, MI 48895-8180
Phone: (517) 655-3193
Fax:(517) 655-3971

My Email:

Dear Members of the Williams Township Government Offices,

I am writing you as a concerned citizen and active duty military member.  I am aware of your tyranny over the Hudson family by trying to make them remove their animals from THEIR property.  There are some issues in this situation that concern me gravely…

1.  Your officials were contacted prior to their acquisition of the property and they were told that since the land was over 2 acres they would be able to have small animals.  Low and behold you as a trusted agent of the township broke your verbal contract with the family.

2. Your township is choosing to ignore judicial precedence by the fact that you are choosing to ignore the case of the Buchler Family vs Marquette County Michigan that if you are engaged in anything commercial in nature (meaning you sell something, anything, such as eggs or rabbits, or intend to do so, as is evident from signage or internet ads) that by Michigan law you are protected by the Right-to-Farm Act, which supersedes local zoning ordinances.

3.  As a township official your job is to represent the WHOLE community but in this situation you are failing to represent not only the Hudson family but also failing the neighbors who are united with the Hudson family.  It is not unreasonable for a family to raise small farm animals on 3 acres especially in a rural area such as yours.  The Hudson family has medical issues that they are able to solve with having farm animals but you would rather take their solution away and make them depend on others to treat their medical issue.

4.  A family like the Hudsons who are trying to run a small business (which feeds taxes to your coffers) is exactly what you want in a community.  They are a resourceful family who by far will bring more to your community than they would take.   

Your actions are unacceptable and for that reason I am sending money to support the Hudson family legal defense fund.  I also will be posting my letter to your township on my blog for all my followers to read and contact you themselves, and I also will be doing what I can to bring awareness to your tyranny.    

I am a member of a large group of Americans who working towards self-sustainability and desire an America that is truly free.   In case you are not aware the is a strong movement in America to provide for your own family and community.   This group recognizes a fight for liberty in one place is a fight for liberty everywhere. 

I have a couple of recommendations for you because as I am sure you have realized this family will be well funded in their legal battle against your township.  The fact that you are likely to lose due to judicial precedence and in these tight budget times get stuck with her legal fees, stop fighting and COMPLY WITH YOUR STATES LAWS.  If you have valid concerns have talk to the family and have them show you the details of their homestead operations.    

You need to understand that we will continue to dig deep in our pockets to support the Hudson family and continue to write letters to your offices and get the state level offices involved in this issue.  We want America to be the freest nation in the world and it is sad that in a nation that was founded on agrarian principles we have a township trying to discourage and infringe on the rights of a family who is trying to exercise their rights to take care of themselves. 

I hope you come to realization that it is in the best interest of your community(which includes the Hudson family) and follow the laws of your state that allow the Hudson family to continue their operations.  If common sense continues to escape you understand that the Hudson supporters will see this through all of the legal channels necessary for justice.  A saying that will serve you well is “prudence first justice second.”

Respectfully Submitted,

Russell Hartzell

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