Friday, February 1, 2013

Hang In There with Me and It will be Worth It

I have had several viewers already, which I am thankfully surprised, therefore I feel the need to make a quick post for anyone that comes to view my blog.  The first few weeks will be a little slow, although I will be squeezing blogs in as I can but I am in the last few weeks of my quest for my Bachelors degree.  I have been working on my degree for 13 years now.  Before I go on I want to say I truly believe that college is not for everyone and while it might not have been for me either I stuck with it.  I feel an education, whether in a classroom is an important tool for preparedness and an important investment in your future.  I will have a degree to fall back on if I should need it and it prepares me for when I retire from the military to get an adult job.  The adult job crack is only a joke and for those of you who are not or have never been in the military it is common place for those of us who have been in the military a long time to joke around about what we will do when we grow up but the truth of the matter is most of us never grow up we just get older.  I graduate on 19 February and I will buckle down to provide content regularly as soon as possible afterwards.  Until then I will post as often as I can find a minute, although the blogs may not always be long. 

The next blog will be a background of why and how I got started working on my preparedness.  I also will discuss some skills/projects I am working on.  Then in future blogs I will cover those projects and my line of thought on them in much more detail. 

Please leave me messages if you have any questions or ideas of things you would like to see covered.  I want this to be your blog as well as mine.  Have a great weekend!!!

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